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Automatic Tube Filling Machines.
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Tube Filling Machine
Tube Sealing Machine
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Automatic Tube Filling Machines

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Salient Features:-

  • 1 Auto Feeding & Positioning of Tubes with Auto Filling, Sealing, Crimping, Fold stations, Coding & Ejection.
  • All contact parts are in AISI S.S. 316 and Teflon as per cGMP. Sturdy and Compact in design & Simple in operation. Less changeover time & easy cleaning.
  • Advance Technology of Ferguson Indexer & “No Tube No Fill” device.
  • Cassette Feed Device for Auto feeding arrangement of empty tubes in to the feed device along with Tube orientation (eye mark registration) device.
  • For Aluminium tubes: Reverse or Saddle Fold also Can Be Provided. 6 For Plastic/Lami tubes: Hot-Air Sealing with Leister (Swiss make Heater) is Provided.

This product is also being called as multimix plant, ointment plant, cream manufacturing plant, gel manufacturing machine, lotion manufacturing plant, toothpaste manufacturing plant, shampoo manufacturing plant, semi-soild emulsions.

Ointment Cream Section
Liquid Syrup Section
Powder Tablet Section
Injectable Section
Cleaning & Drying System

Tube Filling Machine, Tube Sealling Machine, India

Tube Filling Machine


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Tube Filling Machine, Automatic Tube Filling Machine, Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine, Tube Sealing Machine, Tube Packaging Machine in India.
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