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Liquid Manufacturing Plant, Liquid, Liquid Plant, Oral Liquid Manufacturing Plant, Liquid Plant Manufacturer, Manufacturing of Liquid Plant, Pharma Liquid Plant Manufacturer

Capacity from 100 Liters upto 10,000 Liters:-

  • Sugar Charging Done Under Vacuum (Complete untouched Process). All transfers done under Vaccum.
  • Can be equipped with CIP & SIP facility and Load Cell for online weighing.
  • PLC Based control pannel for process automation
  • All Contact Parts Made Out Of SS 316 (cGMP Model). All pipelines are electro-polishfrom inside and jointsare DIN Standard easy openable & fitting after cleaning.
  • Inline filters to ensure filteration. Bucket filter and sparkler filter press provided.
  • Bottom entry Angular CROWEL TYPR IMPELLER for Uniform mixing.
  • INLINE Homogeniser can also be provided.
  • Transfer Pumps provided to transfer ready product to filling line.
  • Documentation: IQ / DQ / PQ / OQ and Process Validation support.

This product is also being called as multimix plant, ointment plant, cream manufacturing plant, gel manufacturing machine, lotion manufacturing plant, toothpaste manufacturing plant, shampoo manufacturing plant, semi-soild emulsions.

Liquid Filling Machine

Ointment Cream Section
Liquid Syrup Section
Powder Tablet Section
Injectable Section
Cleaning & Drying System

Liquid Manufacturing Plant, Liquid Plant

Liquid Plant


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